Support Snap: Prioritize

Prioritize. OK, we all know what it means. It’s something we’ve been practicing our entire lives. You look at the options before you, and  you make snap decisions about what matters most, what’s the most important or the most pressing or the most urgent. Sometimes we think we’ve got this down to an infallible instinct, […]

Tesla, Laravel, Open Source, & You

Today electric car company Tesla announced the “open sourcing” of their electric vehicle technology. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in a blog post titled “All Our Patent Are Belong To You,” stated that Tesla will not pursue patent lawsuits against anybody who uses their patented technology “in good faith.”  From Musk’s post: Yesterday, there was a […]

Support Snap: Your FAQ Page

Last week we started to look at the basics of a great customer support site. One of the most important elements of any site is the FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions. Do I really need to make an argument here for improving a customer’s access to self-support? Customer support is a neverending task. Answering the flow of […]

New Feature: Lens Changes

Snappy has a soft spot for the little guy. Simple, Scrappy, Helpful, Snappy, remember? So plenty of our customers are one or two-person shops, and use a single email address and Snappy mailbox for all their support tickets. But Snappy is also versatile, and plenty of big fish enjoy the streamlined customer service experience, as […]

Support Snap: Just the Basics

So you have a product. And you want to sell it to people. Maybe you already are! The first thing you need is a help page. Why? Well, because you want people to give you their money. And if you find people who want to do that, you need to help them out. Because people […]

The Cost of VC Money: Loss of Control

A Love Letter to Bootstrapping, Part 2   Recently, I asked Ian to give me one good reason to turn down VC funding, and instead he gave me 7. The first reason, if you missed Part 1 of this series, was that most people probably can’t get funding from venture capitalists. The remaining reasons, though, are […]

Snappy Concierge

I’m so excited to introduce our newest offering, Snappy Concierge. We unveiled it last week at Laracon, and now we’re bringing it to you, our blog readers! The world of web development consulting and freelance has changed. Maybe you used to build a site, ship it, and forget it. Not anymore, right? Now you offer […]

Laracon LIVE

We at Snappy are all gearing up for Laracon next week. We’ll be invading New York City May 15-16 for the conference all about Laravel, the PHP framework for web artisans. Laravel, you may or may not know, was created by Snappy developer Taylor Otwell. In fact, Snappy itself was architected by Taylor and Eric […]

Support Snap: Last Impressions with an email sign off

Last week we discussed the importance of keeping business personal. One of the best ways to do that in an email is to pay special attention to the way you say goodbye. Observe: Hi Joe! […you are using your customer’s first name here, right?] Hi Joe! I’m so glad that worked, and everything is running […]

5 Tips for Hiring Your First Employee

Moving from just yourself (or a group of founders) to hiring your first employee is filled with terror and peril. At UserScape, we’re fortunate that our first hire, Rebecca (our Happiness Engineer), has been with us over 5 years now. Actually, nobody has ever left UserScape, but that’s a post for another day! As I […]