Support Snap: Free Burritos for Everybody

A few days ago my husband, in a bit of a rush, went to Chipotle for lunch. He ordered the same steak burrito he always gets, got to the cash register, reached for his wallet…and realized he’d forgotten it at home. Feeling like an idiot, he held up his hands sheepishly and explained what had happened, […]

Support Snap: Customer Service via Social Media

A recent study by Accent Marketing Solutions tells us what we kind of already knew: a large majority (82%) of users communicate with brands on social media for customer service issues. In other words, if your company has a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, chances are, sooner or later, people are going to start using […]

The Cost of Venture Caplital: Loss of Freedom

  A Love Letter to Bootstrapping, Part 3 In honor of Independence Day this Friday (if you’re in the U.S., that is, which we at Snappy are!), we’re continuing our ongoing Love Letter to Bootstrapping series with a celebration of FREEDOM! Our founder Ian gave me a list of arguments for avoiding venture capital investments in […]

Support Snap: Your Search Tool

A few weeks ago we discussed the basic elements of a good customer support site: FAQ, Search, and Contact. We discussed in detail what your FAQ should look like, and how to capture and share great screenshots. Today we’ll move on to item 2, Search. It’s going to be short and sweet, but it’s important, […]

New Feature: Undo Send

Oh, oh, it’s magic! You hit send. For any number of reasons, you immediately regret it, but it’s gone. It’s out there zooming towards its destination, a ticking time bomb, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s a tale as old as time. Or at least as old as the internet. The newest Snappy […]

Laracon 2014 Video is Here

The wait is over! On May 15-16 nearly 300 PHP developers from around the globe converged in NYC for Laracon 2014, and the UserScape crew was at the center of the action. As a major sponsor of Laracon, UserScape and Snappy brought you live blog coverage of the event as it happened, and today we’re bringing you what […]

Support Snap: The Perfect Screenshot

We were busy Monday announcing Snappy’s new iPhone app, so we saved this week’s Support Snap for a special Wednesday edition! Continuing our study of help page best practices, it seemed a good time to discuss screenshots. Wait, don’t leave yet! I promise I actually have some stuff to say about screenshots! Every good help page […]

How To Hire Employees Who Live in Other States

A while back, Ian wrote about how to hire your first employee. It was a popular post and we’ve had requests for more tips on starting and running a small business. And why not? It’s a tough thing to do, and UserScape has been thriving for over a decade now. Ian and Jamie (our cofounder and […]