Hello! from Snappy’s new owners

We are BeSnappy Inc. and with a small team we are the proud new operators of Snappy. First and foremost, thank you for sticking with Snappy through the past few months while its future was in jeopardy. Thanks also to UserScape and Ian Landsman (who will remain a partner) for the great opportunity. Snappy has great […]

Support Your Product Like a Customer

The housekeeper asks for confirmation, “You promise you won’t tell my boss? “I will not tell your boss,” the occupational psychologist nods in agreement. Jonathan Korman shares a story about policy violations. Korman details the dialogue between an occupational psychologist and a hotel housekeeper. What do you think is the last thing a hotel housekeeper […]

Phone Support Made Easy

Phone Support Made Easy

Phone support. Mention it to any customer support pro and they’ll probably cringe. They’ll immediately think of long wait times, horrible phone trees, and made automation. I know I did for a long time. But what if I told you that you could do phone support as well as you do email, live chat, or […]

Customers, Friends, and Feelings

Customers Aren't Loyal. Friends Are Loyal.

User. Client. Customer. If I called you one of these, how would that make you feel? Now, what if I called you a friend instead? Would you feel any different? You don’t have customers. You have friends. You do have customers. But I want people to stop using the term customers and users. Because it […]

New Improvements to Snappy

reply screen with context screenshot

We’ve been remodeling! In response to user feedback, we’re proud to unveil some major improvements to Snappy’s look, feel, and user experience. 1. Improved Ticket Replying The way you reply to tickets in Snappy is better than ever. The new reply area is a lot bigger, gives you lots of room to read and respond, […]