Creating Customer Support Perfection

There are two things every business must offer in order to retain their customer base. The first is a quality product, no matter the business, the product is always the most important thing. The second is fantastic customer support.  Far too often customer support is set up, then almost forgotten about. Anything that is abandoned eventually becomes […]

Increase Your Productivity in a S.N.A.P

Whether you’re working independently or as a team, SNAP is an easy acronym you can use as a reminder to that you can increase your productivity by working smarter, not harder.  So often, the time-wasters and inefficiency traps we fall into can be prevented with a Strategic Natural Automation Process.  That’s a SNAP.  Get out […]

What is good customer support?

Good customer support is vital to a business, but what exactly is good customer support? I bet if you ask 5 people to define good customer support, you’ll get 5 different answers. To each person and each different problem, good customer support can come in a different shape or form. Some want problem solvers, some […]

5 ways to make you more productive

Everyone wants to be more productive. Everyone wants more work-life balance. Make these 5 changes and we bet you’ll notice a difference. 1. Make a to do list. Every morning, I make a list of things that HAVE to get done today. If it doesn’t meet this requirement, it doesn’t make the list. It can […]

How to Create a Great Knowledge Base

Customers want to find answers quickly and easily. In fact, 45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions are not addressed quickly (Forrester). There are several ways to address customer questions; and although there’s no one size fits all, customer self-service is important. 60% of consumers use web self-service knowledge to find answers to […]

Setting up your helpdesk mailbox in Snappy

Whether you’ve signed up with Snappy for the first time or you’ve decided to set up another mailbox, you’ll likely want to keep using your current helpdesk email address. To fully configure your mailbox, you’ll want set up email forwarding, specify your From address in outgoing messages, and customize your mailbox settings. Setting up your mailbox should only take 15 […]

We’ve added Slack integration!

Slack logo

Slack is a popular app used by teams to bring all their communications into a single platform, including automated communications from other apps. There has been a lot of demand for it as an integration in Snappy, so I’m pleased to announced that we have delivered on those requests! With the Slack integration, you can […]

What should a good help site look like?

So you have a product. And you want to sell it to people. Maybe you already are! The first thing you need is a help page. Why? Well, because you want people to give you their money. And if you find people who want to do that, you need to help them out. Because people […]