How Not to Allow Your Sales Leads to Fall Through the Cracks

Nothing is more frustrating to a busy realtor than to find their leads snapped up by the competition. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on driving traffic to your website, sophisticated customer relationship software, tablets and smart phones to use in the field and found outside-the-box off-line methods of advertising your services. A joint study from […]

Five Key Customer Service Tips for Real Estate Businesses

Providing excellent customer service is imperative in any service-oriented business, but perhaps even more so in real estate. More often than not, the reason a customer chooses one particular real estate agent over another is simply a better rapport and comfort level of being treated right. If you are in the real estate business, you […]

3 Ways Our Advanced Customer Support Tools Benefit Real Estate and Sales Organizations

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Creating a pleasant experience for customers is essential in converting sales and satisfied clients. Real estate and sales organizations especially know this to be true, yet producing this excellent customer service continually doesn’t have to become a burdensome day-to-day task. In fact, your business can turn customer support into a helpful tool in creating more […]

Five Ways to Drive Elite Customer Experience in Your Business

Creating a truly elite customer experience requires renewed motivation, innovation, and creativity from every stakeholder in the organization. Today’s customer expects new and improved service at a rapid rate. “Good enough” is no longer good enough. You need to communicate a clear advantage through product or service differentiation to your customer that separates you from […]

Tips for Successful Team Collaboration


There’s a reason that most businesses look for the words “team player” on the resumes and cover letters of prospective employees. Without teamwork, most businesses will not thrive. Larger projects will almost always require a team of professionals, and the output quality and morale often rely on it. Successful team collaboration begins with a common […]