Setting up a Custom Spam Filter

Snappy has a sophisticated spam filter, but no spam filter can catch everything. For those pesky emails that keep getting through, you can set up your own custom filter that will move spam to the Archive. To create a customer spam filter, use a Trigger. See How do I create a Trigger? if you don’t […]

How to Create a Great Knowledge Base

Customers want to find answers quickly and easily. In fact, 45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions are not addressed quickly (Forrester). There are several ways to address customer questions; and although there’s no one size fits all, customer self-service is important. 60% of consumers use web self-service knowledge to find answers to […]

Setting up your helpdesk mailbox in Snappy

Whether you’ve signed up with Snappy for the first time or you’ve decided to set up another mailbox, you’ll likely want to keep using your current helpdesk email address. To fully configure your mailbox, you’ll want set up email forwarding, specify your From address in outgoing messages, and customize your mailbox settings. Setting up your mailbox should only take 15 […]