Tesla, Laravel, Open Source, & You

Today electric car company Tesla announced the “open sourcing” of their electric vehicle technology. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in a blog post titled “All Our Patent Are Belong To You,” stated that Tesla will not pursue patent lawsuits against anybody who uses their patented technology “in good faith.”  From Musk’s post: Yesterday, there was a […]

New Feature: Lens Changes

Snappy has a soft spot for the little guy. Simple, Scrappy, Helpful, Snappy, remember? So plenty of our customers are one or two-person shops, and use a single email address and Snappy mailbox for all their support tickets. But Snappy is also versatile, and plenty of big fish enjoy the streamlined customer service experience, as […]

Laracon LIVE

We at Snappy are all gearing up for Laracon next week. We’ll be invading New York City May 15-16 for the conference all about Laravel, the PHP framework for web artisans. Laravel, you may or may not know, was created by Snappy developer Taylor Otwell. In fact, Snappy itself was architected by Taylor and Eric […]

Do Not Reply to this Email

The credit card we as a company use for a lot of services and apps expires soon, so Ian has been getting emails from companies, reminding him to update the card on file. It’s been interesting to see the wide variety of emails and how different companies handle this routine customer service issue. Here’s what […]