How to Provide the Best Customer Experience at Your Firm

In the professional services industry, from real estate to law, from architecture to engineering, giving the customer an ideal experience is increasingly important to your business’s success. With the rise of instant feedback, through social media and digital forms, not only can you have your clients evaluate your work immediately, but they can (and often do) then share their thoughts with the public. And as everyone knows that a satisfied customer is the best source of new customers, you may be looking to perfect your customer experience process. Read below for the top tips on how you can provide the best customer experience, from start to finish:


Your attitude is just about everything in setting up your customers for a great experience. Be sure that the employee you choose to communicate with customers understands the importance of a welcoming interaction in beginning the customers’ journey. You’ll want your customer to feel comfortable moving forward in the process, too, so open, friendly discussion and as much transparency as possible is key. Very importantly, too, as you go through the process of assisting the customer, is being able to take all their concerns seriously, whether or not you personally agree with their questions. If a matter is important to the customer, so treat it with respect.


In order to provide the best customer experience, communication needs to be present at all moments in the journey, not just set-up. Continuing the feeling of transparency, be sure to reach out to your client in in-between moments, too: if you work at a real estate firm and have had the initial client discussion, but haven’t yet found their perfect home, check in to say you’re still looking and will follow up soon. This method applies with all industries, and the simple technique of keeping your customers aware of their status at all times will make them feel included, knowledgeable, and confident in your abilities, without wavering for a moment.


This is how you will work to make the customer experience comfortable for your client. Mimic their style by speaking with their language, whether colloquial, as will more often be the case, or formal, and let them feel that they have a true communication link with your company–and as such, will be able continue to work with you and continue the process. When encountering difficult situations, use positive language rather than negative. For example, rather than simply tell a client a project can’t be done, explain what you’re having issues with, and be sure to then finish by letting him or her know exactly what can be done, and what extra steps you’ll take to look into the alternative. Point out successes over failures, and highlight achievements to keep your customer aware of both his/her and your progress.

Expert care

Be sure to include everyone from the ground up in the customer experience cycle, ensuring that the customer’s journey has an expert on each step of the process to oversee and understand the experience. By having everyone understand the customer service team’s needs and process, you’ll have the experts of each area in your firm on-hand to suggest best practices, assist with customers, and keep every step of the customer’s journey running smoothly. And on the other side, the experts will then become more in tune with all clients’ needs and common queries, which will help your firm to fine-tune its services for client satisfaction much better than before.

By following these four top tips on the customer experience and customizing them to your business, you’ll be able to create an enjoyable journey for your clients and refine your business model as well.

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