How Not to Allow Your Sales Leads to Fall Through the Cracks

Nothing is more frustrating to a busy realtor than to find their leads snapped up by the competition. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on driving traffic to your website, sophisticated customer relationship software, tablets and smart phones to use in the field and found outside-the-box off-line methods of advertising your services. A joint study from National Association of Realtors and Google shows just how pervasive online researching by buyers really is. With that said, the simplest solution to your problem is software targeting the real estate and sales community. Allow us to explain what a snap it is.

The Problem

Now, of course your website has a space for prospects to input their name, phone and email address. The first problem, says Brandon Steurke, a marketing and automation professional, is that when the leads come in, they are not followed up immediately, if at all. In order to survive, real estate agents must follow up their leads as fast as humanly possible. A report by secret shopper companies PCMS Consulting and One Cavo contends that 75 percent of online generated leads are lost through negligible to no follow-up. Experts recommend replying within an hour.

Study: Steurke’s article tells us that The Harvard Business Review found the median response time for a real estate lead was 42 hours. A study done at MIT discovered that leads replied to within five minutes tended to become sales 21 times faster than leads responded to within 30 minutes.

Steurke tells us the second and third problems facing realtors are improperly using social media to capture leads and then giving potential clients calls to action that ties their hands. How many times have you gone onto your personal social media page (not your professional one) and scowled at the work at home and home business spam with company names and absurd income percentages? Irritating, isn’t it?

The calls to action are just as delicate. When you see a business offer claiming “only one hour left before this offer will be withdrawn” or “apply now-limited offer!”, then you get the impression that you are being rushed. Additionally, when you make a call to action that leaves the potential client no leeway to research and then get back to you, say, in perhaps 30 to 60 days’ time, then those potential clients are going to someone who does give them time to research and make a decision. Can your potential clients claw their way through the auto posters to your ads? Can you reply to them in a timely fashion and give them the time they need to decide? Need an app to handle all that? Just ask Snappy!

Study: Real estate specialist Bill Gassett spells it out bluntly and with no accretions in his NAR article “The Biggest Social Media Fails in Real Estate“. He states that social media is just that: social. Getting to know people before they are bludgeoned with ads and calls to action they can’t fulfill is imperative to a successful real estate business.

Steurke advises real estate professionals that indifference to potential prospects’ interactions is the last action that will drop your leads into the cracks. Let’s say your competition puts video or hangouts on their websites in which interaction with potential clients informs the clients. Their questions might be answered in the video presentation or on the hangouts, or the clients could be amused by the agents’ stories or tips and hacks for researching houses. These folks are going to snap up your potential clients.

Study: Gassett has included such interactions in his article, with tips and hacks how to improve your social interactions with potential clients.

The Solution

Spending some of those thousands of dollars driving traffic to your website on retaining that traffic just makes sense. Since you probably don’t have time to do it all yourself, it is sensible to engage someone to do it for you. A host of methods for retaining leads and turning them into sales exist, from call centers to customized CRM software.

You could always save time, money and effort by using software encompassing capturing those leads the instant they appear, sending replies and dozens of other contact innovations. It costs way less than those thousands spent on driving traffic to your website, can be accessed and managed on the go in addition to the most important thing: not watching your leads fall through the cracks.

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