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3 Ways Our Advanced Customer Support Tools Benefit Real Estate and Sales Organizations

Creating a pleasant experience for customers is essential in converting sales and satisfied clients. Real estate and sales organizations especially know this to be true, yet producing this excellent customer service continually doesn’t have to become a burdensome day-to-day task. In fact, your business can turn customer support into a helpful tool in creating more sales and satisfied customers with less time and effort.

Snappy is a SaaS provider offering simple (yet advanced) customer support solutions for a very affordable flat-rate monthly cost. In this article, we’ll discuss 3 ways Snappy’s advanced customer support tools benefit real estate and sales organizations.

1: Reducing the Need for Replying to Inquiries

Snappy focuses on email organization and management, as well as customer self-help tools. Within these are many features, designed to make customer support change from a headache – to an effective way to make sales and create satisfied customers. The point here is: to create the tools needed for customers to find the information they need for themselves.

A couple ways we make this happen is by creating a FAQ and an integrated knowledge base section on your website. With these feature-rich customer self-help tools, the number of inquires will reduce drastically and at the same time customers will receive better service 24/7.

Have you ever went to a website and had a question, yet couldn’t find a FAQ or the resources to answer it? Many times, these inquires will fade away and go elsewhere, not wanting to take the time to email or call your customer support desk. So, not only does creating a brilliant and feature-rich knowledge base for inquires reduce the need for replies, but will also end up converting more sales for your real estate and sales organization.

2: Improve Workflow Processes

Integrating with any API, Snappy’s SaaS effectively organizes and manages emails to improve overall workflow processes. Real estate and sales organizations are constantly emailing customers or prospective customers with important communications throughout the sales process. Selling a home requires effective communications between the customer and agent, to relay any new developments or accomplish any required tasks involved in the process.

Snappy’s email ticketing service streamlines all email communications with well-designed features like: canned responses, filters, triggers, reporting, advanced searching, knowledge-based inserting, and many more. The entire workflow process concerning email communications with customers, will become faster and more simplified.

We understand the pressures real estate and sales organization team members are under, thus have designed the features and tools you need to effectively organize and manage every aspect of your email communications. In the end, our clients’ workflow processes offer better customer support, while reducing the time and effort they spend dealing with emails.

3: A More Professional Website Leads to More Sales!

Don’t let the competition out-do you because they have a FAQ page! Not when you can optimize your website with a FAQ and a knowledge-based page for only $15/month! What a small price to pay for all the benefits Snappy’s SaaS will give your business. Create a more professional website with the resources your customers need – when they aren’t ready to call or email you.

And when they do email you, have the advanced tools needed to organize and manage these emails with professionalism and ease. Truly, with Snappy’s solutions, your website will look (and be) more professional, which will lead to more sales in the end.


Paying attention to the details is what excellent customer service is all about, and for real estate and sales organizations: this means the difference between making a sale or not.

We understand the importance of improving day-to-day workflow processes for your business, thus have designed the advanced SaaS widgets and tools needed to ease the burden of your customer service efforts.

The best part is we’re offering a 30-day free-trial, so you can try it out for yourself! We want you to understand all aspects of the great service we provide, and how effective it’ll be in improving all workflow processes for your real estate and sales business. To learn more or get started today, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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