Awesome Customer Service Doesn’t Stop at Hello: 5 Tips to Excellent Customer Experiences

When we think of ways to improve our businesses, our minds usually focus on the marketing side of things– blogging new content and topics for podcasts. We follow the ever successful band-wagon by taking advantage of social media to boost our target audiences. Perhaps it’s because we fully grasp how without promoting ourselves, we have a little to no shot of attracting customers. No customers, no business. Yet with all the existing strategies to put a brand out there, there is one that is so second nature that we seem to look past it. Our customer service skills. Awesome customer service can lead to amazing results for your company. Not only will you gain and maintain loyal customers, these customers will recommend you to everyone they know. So where do you begin? These five tips are the perfect place to start.

Make Great First Impressions

It’s like judging a song by its first note so to say. Picture yourself as the music. Do you want people to become mesmerized by your uplifting melody or click the next button because you’re out of key? Obviously the first option is what you want to aim for. Customers can’t see your smile over the phone or through the computer screen, but they certainly can hear it in your voice and context. Keep an uplifting, positive tone. Sound chipper and ready to assist them!

Be Customer Oriented

Just because you’re not face to face doesn’t mean they’re less important. How engaged you are in trying to help people will still be obvious, and it’s your responsibility to fulfill their needs. So give your all to being helpful, cooperative, and communicative. Be as considerate as possible and always willing to resolve any issues. If you don’t have all the answers, brain storm and find them. Even if you have to put them on hold momentarily, they’ll appreciate your will to try for them much more than if you keep giving them a response that doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Make Business Easy

Don’t burden your customers (and yourself!) by not going in-depth enough about a product or providing unclear explanations. Anyone doing business with you wants to fully grasp everything that goes along with it and definitely doesn’t want to feel dumb for any misunderstanding they have. Basically, if it’s something the customer should know, then they need to know. Practice making responses clear and understandable.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

Sometimes people give false expectations– for example, the Joe Schmo company offers this free gift for your troubles along with your original product to arrive by the next day. But you later find the free gift comes with a catch and your order doesn’t arrive until the next week. If you mimic this, you’re setting yourself up for angry customers. Follow this quote, “under promise and over deliver.” It means set the bar low and then exceed it. In this case it’d be to give your customers an estimated shipping time, but have it there within less. The point is you want to wow them.

Show Appreciation

There’s always a way to show your customers you’re grateful they are investing in your business and you should always opt to do so as this makes them feel important and appreciated. Remember to greet them kindly by briefly asking how they are, before ending any call make sure there’s nothing else you need to assist them with, and end each call with a sincere thank you. They will only respect and be more pleased with your company.

As you could see, marketing yourself is just as easy as being your most genuine self and what better strategy is there to add to your business practices?

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