Awesome Customer Service Doesn’t Stop at Hello: 5 Tips to Excellent Customer Experiences

When we think of ways to improve our businesses, our minds usually focus on the marketing side of things– blogging new content and topics for podcasts. We follow the ever successful band-wagon by taking advantage of social media to boost our target audiences. Perhaps it’s because we fully grasp how without promoting ourselves, we have […]

Tips for Successful Team Collaboration


There’s a reason that most businesses look for the words “team player” on the resumes and cover letters of prospective employees. Without teamwork, most businesses will not thrive. Larger projects will almost always require a team of professionals, and the output quality and morale often rely on it. Successful team collaboration begins with a common […]

Online Tools to Improve Productivity

online tools

Regardless of the industry you are a member of, productivity is critical to the success of your business. Without productivity, customers aren’t cared for in a timely manner, projects aren’t completed and work isn’t finished. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a level of productivity that is best for the employee and the […]

Supporting Team Collaboration

team collaboration

Team collaboration is a natural and critical part of any business. For this reason, businesses should always strive to support it as much as possible. In today’s world, it is easier than ever for this to take place. It simply takes a little dedication and planning to make sure that your coworkers are able to […]

Setting up a Custom Spam Filter

Snappy has a sophisticated spam filter, but no spam filter can catch everything. For those pesky emails that keep getting through, you can set up your own custom filter that will move spam to the Archive. To create a customer spam filter, use a Trigger. See How do I create a Trigger? if you don’t […]