5 Traits of Effective Online Customer Support

One of the best ways a company can set themselves apart from the competition is by going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer support. It seems like such a basic idea, but so few businesses actually do truly give 100% when it comes to customer support that it leaves you wondering why more don’t see it for the huge boost that it really is. There are a few basic steps that any business can take to ensure that they are doing a better job of supporting customers and prospective customers.

Quick Responses

The most noticeable way for you to set yourself apart from the competition in the eyes of customer is to be quick with your responses. When a customer is having a problem and you are able to respond in a few short minutes, they take notice and are grateful. Customers like to feel like their business is appreciated and that simply is not possible when you take 1-2 business days to respond to a simple query. While it is not always possible to offer same-day support, especially when requests are sent late at night, it is possible for any company to ensure that they are offering great support at all times of the day. By answering questions quickly and in detail, you show your customers that you truly care about their business and want to grow.

Detailed Reports

How can you properly evaluate the job that you are doing in terms of customer support if you are not actively tracking your progress? Reports are essential for identifying ways in which you can improve your efficiency and better serve your customers. You should be able to quickly look at your stats and see if you are improving over time. Our excellent customer support solution, Snappy, comes complete with in-depth reports that give you a bird’s eye view of your customer support practices.

A Detailed Knowledge Base

One of the best ways to ensure that you are serving your customers effectively is to not have to serve them at all. By including a detailed knowledge base or frequently asked questions section, you can answer common questions that might otherwise result in a support ticket. Look at all of the questions that you are commonly asked by your users and determine which of those would be appropriate for a knowledge base. Put them together, and watch as the number of support tickets that you deal with on a daily basis continues to shrink over time. Add to your knowledge base as new questions commonly arise.

Multiple Support Options

One of the best ways to go above and beyond when it comes to customer support is to give your users multiple ways to get into contact with you. Instead of just offering email support, consider offering phone and live chat support as well. This gives your customers multiple options for reaching your support reps and allows you to ensure that you are able to help them in the way that they are most comfortable with. Although it might not always be obvious, providing multiple support options is a great way to impress your customers.

A Personal Touch

Above all, try to treat each and every one of your customers like they are living, breathing people. Don’t be afraid to call them by name, ask them questions about themselves or generally get to know them. People like it when the companies that they are working with actively take an interest in them and want to learn how they can better serve them.

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