4 Things Productive People Do Before Bed:

Here’s a list of 4 things you need to start doing tonight. Every successful person does a variation of these to help them improve, add a little balance to your life, prepare for the next day and relax to get a good nights sleep. Try these tips to help yourself be more productive!

1) Assess How Your Day Went:

Ask yourself the following three questions: How was your day? Did you accomplish everything you set out to? What can you change to make tomorrow better? Consider this a mini report card and more importantly, a starting point to identifying a few areas to make some self-improvements.

Doing this daily will help you recognize what needs to change in order for you to be at your best. Whether you should say ‘No’ to a few more meetings or automate a few more tasks, small daily improvements will add up quickly!

2) Do Something You Love:

Take some time to relax, go to the gym, play a board game with your kids or simply read a book. Everyone needs to decompress after work. Your brain will thank you in the long run.

Try to do this immediately when you get home. It adds a break in and will help you  recharge a bit before moving on to whatever is on your plate for the evening. Always a good idea to get a meal in too!

3) Prepare For Tomorrow:

This is definitely one of the most important things to do each night. Set yourself up for success by taking a bit off your plate tomorrow by knocking off a few to-dos today. This doesn’t mean sit down and start a large project to get ahead.  There are probably a few small tasks that you can take care of tonight to make tomorrow a success.

Taking a few minutes to get organized, update your to-do list, make your lunch, pack your gym bag, iron your shirt, and review your emails will pay huge dividends tomorrow.

4) Unplug From Distractions:

A fresh mind and a great nights sleep is all to important in helping you have a great tomorrow. All the research seems to show that you need some break from your phone to help get a good nights sleep. If you’ve done your preparation for tomorrow, put down the phone and take some time for yourself. Read, walk or watch your favorite show. Whatever helps you clear your head and get a good nights sleep. A huge key to being more productive!

Have a tip that works best for you? Comment below!

Thanks for reading.

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