Creating Customer Support Perfection

There are two things every business must offer in order to retain their customer base. The first is a quality product, no matter the business, the product is always the most important thing. The second is fantastic customer support

Far too often customer support is set up, then almost forgotten about. Anything that is abandoned eventually becomes broken or useless, and this stands just as true for your customer support setup as it does for a building.

Ensuring that your customer support keeps your customers happy and coming back requires the right plan and the right implementation. To create the plan, you need to carefully consider and answer a few questions.

1. What are your demographics?

Understanding the demographics of your customers is paramount to ensuring you are offering the customer service they need and want. The makeup in terms of occupation, gender, income, age, and family status will point you towards the right customer service setup.

The geographic and lifestyle factors are just as important, so make sure they are included in your demographics study. The more diversity you have or are trying to create in your customer base, the more options you will need to implement in your customer service strategy.

2. How happy is your customer service team?

It may seem an odd question to ask while talking about keeping your customers happy, but the satisfaction of your customer service team can and will directly affect how well they perform their tasks with your customers. Realizing your team’s needs go beyond a paycheck is the first important step. Praise for a job well done, rewards for exemplary service, and support when they need it are just as important as a timely raise to the types of employees you want to keep on your team.

When your employees know that the company cares about them, they in turn care about the company. That translates directly into every customer service agent giving all they can to every customer. Your customers know when they are being treated as a valued member instead of just another number, and they will appreciate the additional level of service even when they are not necessarily happy about the outcome of their call.

3. Where are you failing?

Admitting failure, no matter how small, is almost impossible for any single person, much less for the group that makes up a business. There comes a time, though, that you must set aside the need to be right or place blame, and consider where you need improvement.

One of the best ways to do this is to pay attention to your customer service contacts. Your customers will tell you where you need to shore up your system. Recognizing these issues, no matter how seemingly unimportant to you, and implementing solutions quickly goes a long way to retaining a customer you might have lost by ignoring the problem.

4. What do you expect when you call customer service?

This is an excellent question to ask yourself, and every person that works for you. Ask it often, and make a record of the answers. Every customer service problem you will ever face will eventually show up in these answers.

That means that you can create and implement solutions to customer service problems before your customers even call you. Imagine calling customer service and getting immediate solutions to your issues the first time – would you turn away from a company standing that strongly behind their product and their customer? Probably not.

5. Do you have the right software in place?

It is a solid fact that most businesses run only as well as their software allows. No matter how big or how small, a company must have the software that ensures their success and customer service software may be the most important of all. Your customer service software must adapt to your business, work at the speed of light, and integrate with all of your communications options.

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