What is good customer support?

Good customer support is vital to a business, but what exactly is good customer support? I bet if you ask 5 people to define good customer support, you’ll get 5 different answers. To each person and each different problem, good customer support can come in a different shape or form. Some want problem solvers, some want speedy responses, some want politeness and some don’t even want to talk to anyone.

Good customer support is the foundation towards building trust with your customers. Being able to provide support to each customer in a variety of different ways is imperative towards building a successful company.

1) Solve Their Issue First Time Around

There is no point in attempting to address an issue if you are just going to put a bandaid on it. Customers need their problem fixed on the first go around and won’t tolerate having to deal with multiple employees to get their issue addressed.

Empower your customer service team to make sure that the customer is 100% happy when they are done. And ALWAYS go above and beyond. Does this mean giving away everything for free? No, but a little extra attention can be huge help in converting a potential detractor to a promoter.

2) Respond Quickly

Quick responses are essential in helping to close sales and deal with issues. Failure to do so will only create more frustration and lead the customer away from your company. This doesn’t mean that the customer needs everything done right this minute. At the very least, you should provide an acknowledgement that you are looking into this issue and will get back to them once you have a solution. Most customers just need to know that they’ve been heard and someone is going to help them.

3) Be Pleasant and Polite

Courtesy goes a long way. It could be the difference between fixing the problem and adding fuel to the fire. Customers never expect that they will have to deal with support, so you might as well make their experience as pleasant as possible. And seriously, when is being polite ever a bad thing?

4) Provide Customer Support All The Time

This doesn’t mean that you need to have a support representative available 24/7. Offer support in multiple forms to help customers out. Knowledge based articles and FAQs are great ways to let customers help themselves out. And in this day and age, not everyone wants to talk to someone. Create tools that address common issues and keep them current to ensure customers have all the information that need at their finger tips. Learn how here.

More and more, social media is a key place for angry customers to publicly display their displeasure. Strive to do all of the above and you will do yourself two favours: keep some negative comments private and build yourself a loyal customer base in no time!

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  • Chant946 Reply

    Nice share. Everything listed was a hit. Personally, i get disappointed when customer support could not immediately provide me with an answer to my problem. Had an experience where i have to wait for several minutes before a support person got to me and the guy only told me that the problem needs to be referred to another level of support.

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