5 ways to make you more productive

Everyone wants to be more productive. Everyone wants more work-life balance. Make these 5 changes and we bet you’ll notice a difference.

1. Make a to do list.

Every morning, I make a list of things that HAVE to get done today. If it doesn’t meet this requirement, it doesn’t make the list. It can wait or it isn’t that important. I try to keep my list to 10 items, organized by priority. Try it for a week. You’ll notice that you get more done earlier in the day and that you are scrambling less to get things done near the end of day.

Some people use post-it notes, some people use a whiteboard and others have a app for that. I use Todoist. Simple and to the point. It’s also gamified! Check out our post on productivity apps for more info.

2. Disable notifications.

You probably think these are a good thing. I know I sure did. Constantly being interrupted will just delay the task at hand. Can you survive without reading that Facebook post or tweet for an hour? Probably. Disable the notifications on anything that isn’t mission critical, including your phone. Put your phone into airplane mode for ultimate focus!

3. Block off time for tasks

Too many distractions from co-workers? Try blocking time off in your calendar to minimize interruptions and get that important report done. Remember, these are flexible; you can always postpone the block by an hour if something comes up. Also a great way to remind yourself to get a certain task done.

4. No meeting days

I leave Wednesdays open (or closed depending on how you look at it). No meetings. This is a get stuff done day. Sure, if the boss or an important client needs something last minute, you can do what you have to do. But try to keep a day where you can work entirely on your tasks, whatever that may be.

5. Work remotely

Work from home or a local coffee shop. Getting away from your desk will definitely limit distractions. Not everyone can do this- I know I certainly find it hard at times. If you can’t go offsite, find a meeting room and work there. Get that task done where no one can find you!

Try out a few of these this week and see how it goes. I bet you’ll get more done and feel better going into your weekend! Hopefully not having to do anything on the weekend either!

Have something that works well for you? Let us know! Always looking to try new things.

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