Setting up your helpdesk mailbox in Snappy

Whether you’ve signed up with Snappy for the first time or you’ve decided to set up another mailbox, you’ll likely want to keep using your current helpdesk email address. To fully configure your mailbox, you’ll want set up email forwarding, specify your From address in outgoing messages, and customize your mailbox settings. Setting up your mailbox should only take 15 minutes. So let’s get to it!

Step 1: Forward emails to Snappy

Mailbox settings
Mailbox tab

Your customers know how to contact you for support. You don’t want to change your helpdesk email. To avoid this, you can  forward all incoming emails to your Snappy mailbox by setting up email forwarding.

To forward emails from your current email to your new Snappy mailbox, add your Snappy mailbox address ([email protected][yourcompany] to the email forwarding settings of your existing account. If you don’t know the address, you can find it in the Mailbox tab in your organization’s settings panel.

Every email client does this a little differently, so consult their support documentation to find out how this is done. Here’s how to do it in some of the major email clients:

Step 2: Set the From email address

From field in Mailbox settings
From field in Mailbox settings

You don’t want to confuse your clients by sending them replies from an email address that differs from where they sent their request. To customize the From email address in messages send from Snappy:

  1. Go to the Mailbox tab in your organization settings panel.
  2. Click the Name of the mailbox where you want to set the From address.
  3. Enter your helpdesk email address in the From Address field and click Save.

Step 3: Customize your mailbox settings

As a final step, you can customize your mailbox to change the display name, theme, language, and signature of your outgoing messages. You can also set up an auto-response message.

In your Mailbox settings customize each of the following fields:

  • Display Name: To set the sender name displayed in messages sent from the mailbox, set the Display Name field in the General tab.
  • Theme: To pick a style to apply to the body of your outgoing emails, select your preferred theme from the Theme field in the Outgoing tab.
  • Theme Language: You can set the language of common terms in your email template, such as “from” and “history”. To change to a language other than English, select one of the 18 different languages in the Theme Language field in the Outgoing tab.
  • Mailbox Signature: You can customize the signature specific to the mailbox in the Mailbox Signature field in the Outgoing tab. This signature appears below the sending user’s signature.
  • Auto-response: If you want to automatically send responses to all incoming message, you can turn on auto-response by checking the Auto Response checkbox and completing the Message Text field in the Outgoing tab.

Step 4: Add more mailboxes (optional)

If you want to set up additional mailboxes for specific purposes, you’re free to do so. Snappy allows unlimited mailboxes per account. To add another mailbox, click the Add Mailbox button in the Mailbox tab of your organization settings.

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