Integrating Customer Support Email into your Website with Snappy

At some point, all businesses need to provide customer support email if they want to keep their customers happy and loyal. But what’s the best way? There’s no one size fits all. Every customer base is different and has different needs. Every business is at a different point. Maybe yours is about to launch, or just launched. Maybe its in a state of rapid growth or it’s mature. In any case, how you connect with your customers will be unique to you. Having flexibility in how you funnel your customer support is essential. Here’s how Snappy provides that flexibility.

Using the Snappy Widget

Snappy Widget contact form
Snappy Widget contact form

If you want to give your customers a full self-serve and support contact solution, you can add the Snappy Widget to your site.

The Widget is customizable and pins itself to the bottom of your website. All you have to do is copy our Widget code into your website. For more details, see our Widget Setup FAQ.

The best part is that not only do you get a contact form for customer support, but you also can publish FAQs to the Widget. This way customers can help themselves before contacting you.

Here is our Widget implementation on our website (see the “Have a question?” button fixed to the bottom of our site).

Using your existing support email

You may already have an email support contact link set up and don’t want anything to change, including the email address. In this case, you can forward all your support emails to your Snappy mailbox.

Snappy mailbox From Address field
Snappy mailbox From Address field

First add your Snappy mailbox address ([email protected]) in your email client’s email forwarding settings. Here is how to do it in some of the major email clients:

Then, in Snappy, set the From address for your mailbox to your existing support email account.

Seamlessly, you’ve integrate Snappy email support into your website without ever making a change to it. The change is totally invisible to your customers.

Linking your email support contact link to your Snappy mailbox

If you don’t want to set up email forwarding and don’t mind if the To and From address changes, then you can simply point to your new Snappy mailbox by changing the target emil address of your support links on your website.

You can also do this if you’re using an HTML form. Simply point the form to the new Snappy inbox email address.

Detailed instructions

For more details on connecting Snappy customer support to your website, check out these FAQ pages:

Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.

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