5 Awesome Productivity Tools that Help Me Stay Focused

September is upon us once again and gone are the lazy days of summer. Wouldn’t it be nice to be lazy and still get things done? I wish I could give you something to fulfill that promise, but I can’t. Maybe some day….

What I can give you is a few apps that I love to use that help me stay productive. For me, focus is the key to productivity. Apps that help me be productive are simple and focussed on helping you do one thing really well. Here is my list of apps that help me boost my productivity and stay on target.


Buffer enables you to queue your posts to your social media account and release them at your set scheduled times.

Why it’s awesome

  • Simple UI and easy to set up
  • Gives you control over when you work on your social media accounts
  • Feeds feature helps you find great content fast
  • Buffer’s blog has great content

Why I use it

I was finding that my time spent updating our social media accounts was scattered and unmanageable. Buffer helped my take control of my schedule. Now, every Sunday I fill my Buffer queue for the whole week. If, during the week, I have something else to share, I just add it to the queue. I was spending way too much time every day looking for good content to post that would have value for followers of @besnappy. Now I spend a few ours every Sunday morning on my social media queue and that’s it!


Slack is our team’s go-to for online communication. We all live in the same city, but we work remotely a lot.

Why it’s awesome

  • Incredibly efficient way to communicate remotely
  • Integrations with so many apps
  • Public and private channels
  • Great mobile app

Why I use it

Everything in it is just so seamless. I never think about how to do 99% of what I use it for. There are so many integrated apps and they all just work. Drop any kind of file in and works.


Droplr is a great tool that let’s you record screenshots and video and hosts the files online for you.

Why it’s awesome

  • Really fast way to record and share video
  • Timed destruction and password protection
  • Cloud storage and sharing
  • Nice integration into OS X

Why I use it

I mostly use Droplr to make quick one-off videos for users looking for help on using Snappy. I record the video and send them a link. I can set the video to delete after a few days and I can secure it with a password if I need to. Who needs words when you can send a video just as quickly?


Pocket is an app that stores things from the Internet that you want to read later. It offers a bunch of features to help you when you want to get back and actually read what you stored.

Why it’s awesome

  • Tag and favourite saved pages
  • Browse by tag, not just search
  • Really nice mobile app
  • Good viewer for reading content
  • Share stuff in your Pocket

Why I use it

Throughout the week, I see a lot of articles, websites, and other content on the web that I don’t have time to read right away. So whenever I see something that I want to come back to, I put it in Pocket, tag it, and get back to it when I have some free time.


Todoist is a well-featured and simple to-do list and task manager.

Why it’s awesome

  • They implement recurring tasks in a nice way. For example, you can enter “every three days” to schedule a task to recur every three days.
  • Clean UI that doesn’t over-complicate things
  • A cool Karma system that tracks your productivity
  • Filters for tasks today and next 7 days

Why I use it

There are so many to-do list apps, but Todoist is the only one I’ve found that implements scheduling the way I like. I also really like the clean UI.

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