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New Improvements to Snappy

We’ve been remodeling! In response to user feedback, we’re proud to unveil some major improvements to Snappy’s look, feel, and user experience.

1. Improved Ticket Replying

The way you reply to tickets in Snappy is better than ever. The new reply area is a lot bigger, gives you lots of room to read and respond, and offers you a full contextual view of your customer to make your responses quicker and more accurate. Here’s how your reply screen looks now:

new bigger reply window in snappy (screenshot)

As you can see the reply area now spans the full width of your browser window. Across the top of the screen is the email subject line. Below are three columns:

  • On the left is everything related to the ticket with the focus on entering your response and saving (what you do 95% of the time).
  • In the middle is the thread of previous responses to the ticket. It’s now fully scrollable and offers a much more complete picture of the conversation as a whole, with plenty of room to breathe.
  • On the right is contextual information on a selected customer, including contact info and recent history. These context clues help you see your customer as a real person by recalling past conversations and other information, all at a glance.

2. Customer Context

In the new reply screen, the right column gives you all the context you need on a given customer, including previous tickets. You can expand this information by clicking a history item. This brings up a split pane so you can quickly reference multiple tickets without having to leave the window:

customer context screenshot

And the whole time, your reply remains safe and active in the left-hand column, no matter where else you click or what else you look at in the other two columns.

3. Improved Tag Management

We’ve added a new “tag” icon on your ticket list screen:

new tag icon

Clicking that icon opens up a new window that allows you to manage tags right from the list.

4. Replied is now Archive

When you reply to a ticket, we’ve always moved it automatically to the “Replied” lens, where it sits until the customer replies again. Or if the customer never replies again and the ticket is closed, it just remains there indefinitely. In other words, the “Replied” lens is in reality an Archive. You have always had the ability to manually move a ticket to Replied (for when you don’t need to reply, but want to move the ticket out of your inbox or waiting lens).

replied is now archive

Since the true function of this lens is to archive messages, whether or not they have actually been replied to, we’ve simply changed the name to Archive. We feel this is a truer representation of its function and makes a lot more sense from a user standpoint.


We’re proud of the work our team has done on this new design and hope you enjoy using it! Comment below with any questions, and keep it Snappy!


Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.

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