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Support Snap: Your weekly customer support super tip

Each week, we try to offer you a quick, actionable customer support “super tip.”

This week’s Snap is a little different because instead of giving you a specific action, I’m going to give you an invaluable reference tool that you’ll want to return to again and again. Consider this an actionable tip: Act now by subscribing. You won’t regret it!

Support Ops Podcast: Learn to be a customer support pro.

This isn’t a UserScape product; we’re just big fans of Support Ops, “A weekly podcast that helps you deliver a better support experience to your customers.”

Sound intriguing? It should! Head over now and add it to your playlist. Even if you’re not a big podcast listener, if you’re in the customer support business, you should make an exception for this one.

Here are a couple of my favorite episodes:

Episode #42 – Working with Frustrated Customers

This week, we’re talking about how to work with frustrating customers. It’s easy to get frustrated with a customer. I’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

Episode #40 – Quick and Easy Support Wins

This week, we talk about a few easy and quick wins to make your customer experience better right away. There’s always low hanging branches that you can work on to make things better.

The team behind the podcast is made up of front-line support professionals from some of the biggest companies in tech:

The team behind the show

Carolyn from Buffer – Twitter | Website

Chase L. from Automattic – Twitter | Website

Jeff from Wistia – Twitter | Website

Chase C. from Basecamp – Twitter | Website

The podcast is an open window to the minds and conversations of these top names in the support world, and it’s a great complement to your morning commute, daily run, or lunch break. It’s entertaining, too! So add them to your iTunes or subscribe via RSS, Email, YouTube, or Twitter to keep up, and be prepared to learn!


Chase Clemons, one of the voices of Support Ops, is also the coauthor (along with Snappy founder Ian) of our free ebook Customer Support for Bootstrappers! Get your copy now.

Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.

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