Why I’m Not Going to Read Your Resume

Guess What? I Deleted Your Resume.


Our readers here at the Snappy blog may or may not be aware that there’s a new addition to the UserScape family of products:

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LaraJobs connects talented Laravel developers with the companies who hire them.

LaraJobs is built and maintained by UserScape, creators of HelpSpot and Snappy. UserScape founder Ian Landsman knew when he hired Laravel creator Taylor Otwell that he was joining a burgeoning community of web artisans; Laravel has since grown into the most popular PHP project on Github. Whether we’re supporting Taylor’s ongoing development of the Laravel framework, sponsoring the annual Laravel conference, Laracon, or participating in Laravel podcasts and newsletters, the team at UserScape loves being part of the Laravel community.

“Several people a month contact me in search of Laravel or PHP developers. I just send them wandering through the Laravel community. It’s occurred to me that it’d be better if there was a specific site focused on Laravel jobs.”

LaraJobs is that site.

The LaraJobs Blog

I’m running a blog over at LaraJobs, so if you enjoy the Snappy blog and you have any interest in the business of getting a job, hiring employees, or furthering your career (especially in the tech space) I’d love for you to take a look! Today’s post, though, I thought was especially relevant, so I’m sharing it here:

Why I’m Not Going to Read Your Résumé

We’ve blogged before on this site about the history and operations of UserScape and I know many of you are interested in how we run our business. So I thought you might like to know that Ian is blogging over at LaraJobs today with a post called Why I’m Not Going to Read Your Résumé

. It’s got some great insight on the hiring process, whether you’re in the position of applicant or hiring manager.

Go take a look!

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