Support Snap: Your Search Tool

Support Snap: Your weekly customer support super tip

A few weeks ago we discussed the basic elements of a good customer support site: FAQ, Search, and Contact.

We discussed in detail what your FAQ should look like, and how to capture and share great screenshots. Today we’ll move on to item 2, Search. It’s going to be short and sweet, but it’s important, so here we go:

You’ve got to have a solid search tool.

No matter how organized things are or how clear cut your FAQs are, customers search for things first. We live in the days of Google search, not a book’s index. So make it easy for them.

Make it easy to find.

Customers should find it as soon as they land on the help site. If it’s not readily there, they’ll go ahead and send you a support case so you can do the heavy lifting and answer their question. By having the search box first, they’ll use it first and find their answer without ever emailing you.

It’s really as easy as that.

Of course a truly useful search tool depends upon truly useful content to search. So be sure you’ve built up your FAQs and your help documentation, and then add that search box right up top. Don’t neglect it, don’t forget it, and you’ve already solved half your customer support woes!

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