New Feature: Undo Send

Oh, oh, it’s magic!

You hit send. For any number of reasons, you immediately regret it, but it’s gone. It’s out there zooming towards its destination, a ticking time bomb, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s a tale as old as time. Or at least as old as the internet.

The newest Snappy feature changes all that: undo send. Never send an embarrassing typo, a thoughtless mistake, a misspelled name, ever again. You’ll see it as soon as you hit send on any message in Snappy:

Undo Send


Click it, and reverse time.*

It’s only there for a few seconds (after all, we don’t want to hold your messages in limbo forever; that’s not very Snappy at all!), so act quickly, my friend. But it’s there, and you can use it, and it is awesome. Boom. Unsent. Magic.

Use your new power responsibly.


*Snappy cannot actually reverse time. Really, we just hang onto your sent message for a tiny bit to let you decide if you’re super sure before we send it for real. This only applies to messages sent in Snappy, not to texts you send your ex or anything like that. Let’s don’t get crazy.

Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.

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