Support Snap: Just the Basics

SupportSnap So you have a product. And you want to sell it to people. Maybe you already are! The first thing you need is a help page. Why? Well, because you want people to give you their money. And if you find people who want to do that, you need to help them out. Because people need help. They need help with your website. With their account. With purchasing, with billing, with returns, with logging in, with making your product work once they have it. If you’ve sold anything, ever, you know this is true. Help the people.

What should a good help site look like?

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. FAQs

    Literally, frequently asked questions. What are they? List them. Answer them. Boom. You’re halfway there. (Well, let’s be honest: this is a 3-item list, friend, so maybe you’re 1/3 of the way there. Either way, you rock.)

  2. Search

    This goes hand in hand with your FAQ. What good is a list of answers with no way to search for the one you need, when you need it? Make it easy and intuitive for people to find what they need. Your help site should be helpful.

  3. Contact

    Give your customers an easy way to get in touch with you. Don’t make them work for it. Why would you do that? These are your people. Be there for them.

What should a good help page look like?

When customers are on your help site, they’re already confused and in need of help. Don’t make it worse with a complicated page. Focus on three things:

  1. Clean and simple

    Keep the page design clean and simple. Include screenshots to illustrate what a customer should do. A complicated help page just makes things worse for a confused customer.

  2. Short and sweet

    Keep paragraphs short and sweet. Lengthy answers should be broken up in easy-to-read sections. Making something more clear does not mean adding more text to the page. Bullets points and numbered lists are nice; aren’t you enjoying this one?

  3. Headers and formatting

    Use headers and text formatting to make it easier to read. Bolding the right word helps the customer find the answer faster.

So those are your basic building blocks for customer support. Simple, right?

Still not sure how to do this?

OK, so maybe it’s easier said than done. No worries. Snappy makes it easy. Try it free for 21 days, and we’ll walk you through it!   Next week we’ll start examining each element in greater detail. First up: Building an excellent FAQ page.

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