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I’m so excited to introduce our newest offering, Snappy Concierge. We unveiled it last week at Laracon, and now we’re bringing it to you, our blog readers!

The world of web development consulting and freelance has changed.

Maybe you used to build a site, ship it, and forget it. Not anymore, right? Now you offer your services on retainer. Maybe you continue to offer support services long after delivery, making yourself open and available to your clients on an ongoing basis.

You know that building websites is not a one-off deal. It’s a relationship. You’re the expert, and your clients need you there today and tomorrow and next week and beyond. You’re the expert, and you’re savvy enough to deliver that expertise far beyond the initial build.

Nobody gets this like Snappy.

Until now, you haven’t had a great support software that worked for your unique needs. Email alone is messy and unfocused. Project management software is good for that: project management. But it’s not optimized for support the way Snappy is. You need a way to communicate with your clients, and a way for them to contact you, and you need it to be simple, streamlined, consistent, and affordable.

Meet Concierge.

Concierge isn’t complicated. It’s a simple CMS plugin.

But Concierge is a game-changer. It opens the power and simplicity of Snappy to a new audience. If you’re a freelancer, a consultant, or an agency, there hasn’t been an effective and direct solution to your ongoing client support needs. Concierge brings Snappy to you, so you can quickly and easily address your clients’ requests.

Deliver More than a CMS

How does Concierge work? It’s simple. You just download the Concierge plugin for your CMS (available for WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and Craft), and install the Snappy Widget in the backend of every site you deliver to a client.

From there, each client has an always-open doorway to your contact form and FAQs. You then view and respond to all of your support requests, from unlimited clients, in one easy-to-manage Snappy dashboard.

It’s a beautiful, unobtrusive calling card that you slip into every product you deliver.

Go read more about Snappy Concierge, and get started with a free Snappy trial; Concierge is automatically included with every Snappy account, no extra charge.

Quit chasing emails and struggling with communication. Let Snappy do the work and streamline your support process. Now easier than ever, with Snappy Concierge.

Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.

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