New Feature: Lens Changes

Snappy has a soft spot for the little guy. Simple, Scrappy, Helpful, Snappy, remember?

So plenty of our customers are one or two-person shops, and use a single email address and Snappy mailbox for all their support tickets. But Snappy is also versatile, and plenty of big fish enjoy the streamlined customer service experience, as well!

No company too big or too small.

Our newest feature update was developed with those bigger teams in mind.

Maybe you’re a small shop with a single mailbox: [email protected] In which case, Snappy is crazy simple, right?

But maybe you’re a larger team, whose account uses multiple mailboxes. So you might have support staff using Snappy at [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] Or maybe you’re one company with one Snappy account that supports two or more different products. Snappy already makes it easy to set up as many mailboxes as you need, so each department has their own email account and their own support tickets.

We’re making all those mailboxes even easier to navigate with 3 updates to the lens feature.

Review time! Here’s the lowdown on lenses:


Here’s a screenshot of the “add lens” window:

Screenshot 2014-05-30 08.40.40


So a lens is simply a list of tickets, filtered by certain parameters. Until now, the only way to filter tickets has been by tag. For example, user Lucy from the Billing department might list @Lucy and #billing in the tags field, and her lens will display all tickets from all mailboxes containing the @Lucy and #billing tags.

(Side note: You can choose whether you want to view tickets containing “any” of your tags or only those with “all” of your tags in the “Type” dropdown menu.)

So. What’s new?

  1. We added new lenses for the mailboxes. So each mailbox now includes its own Inbox and Waiting lenses. This allows a more complete overview at a glance for each mailbox.Snappy_Help___Snappy
  2. We added the ability to filter by mailbox when creating custom lenses. This means when you create a new lens, you can exclude unrelated mailboxes and focus in on just the one you want to view in that lens. So Lucy in Billing can have her own lens that only displays tickets sent to the Billing mailbox, and she won’t have to see anything sent to any other mailboxes unless she wants to.
  3. We added a new default lens option. This works with custom lenses and allows you to select the one lens that will load by default when clicking the tickets tab at the top. So continuing the above example, Lucy would just choose the custom “Lucy” lens that she set up above,  and every time she logs in that will be the default view.

Here’s a screenshot of the NEW “add lens” window:


So now Lucy can not only filter by tags (@Lucy and #billing), she can limit that search to a single mailbox if she so chooses. She can also choose which lens to use as her default view.

We hope these changes help our larger teams with busier Snappy accounts to better streamline their customer support. As always, let me know if you have feedback, questions, or suggestions!

Still haven’t tried Snappy to streamline your customer support? Why not? It’s free to try, and we love all our customers, big and small!

Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.


  • Andy Lang Reply

    Two questions…

    1) How can I create a lens that only shows “waiting” messages? I can’t seem to find any setting that will filter for that.

    2) I’m asking that because it seems I have to create a duplicate of the prebuilt mailbox “Inbox” lens, since there’s no way to select that as the default. It seems like it’d be a lot easier if I could just check a box to make that existing “standard” lens my default.

  • Taylor Reply

    Hi Andy,

    We don’t currently have a way to filter lenses for “waiting” messages, but I will bring this up with our team for discussion.

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