Support Snap: Keep it Snappy. Two tips to streamlining your support


“Support Snaps” is a series of customer support tips you can read in a Snap. They’re published every Monday morning.


First, let’s get one thing clear: killing yourself in the name of customer service is not admirable or necessary.

It’s ok to take holidays.

It’s ok to have open hours, and closed hours.

But: during those open hours? You had better keep your promises.

Especially when you’re small (say, a bootstrapper running the shop all alone), there’s no need to run yourself ragged to answer every support request within minutes, along with the thousand other things you need to get done.

Here are two actionable tips for streamlining your support:

1. Schedule support into your day

We always answer support requests first thing in the morning, after lunch, and once more at the end of the day. Setting a schedule like this allows you to stay on top of it but also allows you to step away and accomplish other things in between, so it doesn’t take over the entire day.

2. Set expectations

Commit to a reasonable timeline (reasonable for the customer, reasonable for you), communicate it, and stick to it.

Once you’re a little more staffed, maybe even with a dedicated support agent or two, you can adjust those timelines accordingly.

Customer support should be a top priority, whatever your size, and speediness is definitely a factor. But speed is relative: The most important thing is to set expectations, and communicate them clearly.

If it’s just you, say so on your contact or help page. Be realistic in the response times you promise…and then keep those promises. Within reason, try to exceed those promises.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#SupportSnap @BeSnappy”]When it comes to response times in support, the key is to under-promise and over-deliver.[/inlinetweet]


From Rebecca, our own Happiness Engineer:

When we respond quicker than we said we would, they know we take their emergency seriously. Their emergency is our emergency.


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