Support Snap: Best practices for handling bugs and features


“Support Snaps” is a series of customer support tips you can read in a Snap.


Two of the most common support requests for any software company are bug reports and feature requests. Here are some best practices for handling each:


If a customer does you the favor of discovering a bug, all they need to hear is that you’re sorry, and you’re working on it. And a thank you never hurts!

I’m so sorry for that trouble! I found that bug and just went live with a fix for it. It should be good to go.


Thank you so much for pointing this out! We’ll get right on it and let you know when it’s fixed!

(And don’t forget to follow up later if you say you will!)

Feature Requests

For feature requests, you’ll want to be nice, and grateful, but try not to promise anything specific.

Thanks for sharing that idea! I can definitely see where that would help out. I’ll add this to our list of features for consideration.

Make it Personal

Combine these with a simple greeting (use the customer’s first name!) and a friendly sign off (use your first name!) and these routine support emails will be smooth sailing.


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