New Feature: Custom Mailbox

We have a confession to make.

We’ve kind of been…in your way.

Your customers email YOU…not us. So why, when you respond, does your customer receive your reply from [email protected]{subdomain}, like this?


Oh, snap. Look at us in there, stealing your thunder. Wouldn’t it be awesome if emails from you could just come…from you? We thought so, too!

Meet our Custom Mailbox SMTP Server

Snappy now allows you to change your outgoing email address by using your own SMTP server. Your support emails can now come from your own domain, from gmail, or from any other existing email address.


We don’t want to come between you and your customers. They love you, you love them, and now you can be together without us cramping your style.

It’s easy to set up!

Just log into your Snappy account, go into Settings > Mailboxes, and click the “SMTP” tab. Then you can enable SMTP and fill out the information you want to use. Since Snappy is using your SMTP server, there’s no complicated setup of new email boxes. You just plug in the values and go:



Easy, right?

And of course, this is totally optional. We’re not here to complicate your life if it’s already running smoothly. If you’re happy the way things are, just ignore all of this and carry on with your awesome self.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, concerns, requests, advice, or juicy gossip!


Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.


  • Cynthia M Reply

    This seems like a really great idea!

  • Steve McLeod Reply

    Will this work with a google apps mail account if we are using 2-factor authentication?

    • Ian Landsman Reply

      Yes, I believe you’ll have to make one of the special app specific passwords for it though.

  • Bobby Reply

    First of all it is kind of strange why the password stays visible. It would be nice if it gets hidden.

    Second, I just setup the SMTP, tested the connection successfully, but unfortunately the emails still come from @besnappy mailbox. Why is that ?

  • Ian Landsman Reply

    Hi Bobby,

    Generally people aren’t editing this field in public so having the password visible cuts down on errors. Having the password masked in the screen doesn’t actually make it any more secure in any other way as it’s always there in the source code of the page you can see any anytime, say if your machine has a virus that was recording your pages or something like that. It’s not encrypted (in the page, we transmit it encrypted of course).

    The FROM will be your email and it will use your SMTP server which will usually provide the best deliverability (since it’s your email from your domain) and also lets you keep a copy on your SMTP server.

    Not all services support the way we set reply-to emails where we put the + sign in the reply to email like [email protected] so currently we only set the reply-to to your domain on services that are known to support that format like Gmail, Fastmail and Exchange.

    However, we are looking at making a change to how this works. If that’s successful we’ll be able to set the reply-to to be your domain as well. It’s being actively researched currently so hopefully we’ll have some news there soon.

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