New Feature: Snappy Widget

Do you remember the last time you were sucked into a Help Button Vortex of Confusion? You know…you click “help” on a website or in an app, and find yourself transported to a totally different page, forced to click and browse and search and wade through heaps of documentation and FAQs, until you forget what you were trying to do in the first place.

Yeah. We hate that. And so do your customers. In fact, if that’s the experience they’re having, your job as a support agent is probably not very fun. Worse, customers caught in a Vortex of Confusion are not customers likely to stick around for long.

So here’s the good news! If you’re a Snappy user, your lucky customers have been rescued from the Vortex. They can now find the answer they need right when they need it, right where they need it.

We’re excited to introduce one of the biggest and best feature updates we’ve made to Snappy to date: the Snappy Widget!

The widget is a  simple piece of Javascript that will easily and quickly embed your FAQs, a search box, and a contact form, right on your website. And for those of you running your own SaaS, the widget is especially cool, because it allows you to embed that same info INSIDE your app. This means when your users have a question, they don’t have to leave the app to view your FAQ page; it’s right there for them, all the time, in a…well, in a Snap.

Take a look!



When a user clicks the widget on your site (or from within your SaaS app), the “Help” menu will pop up allowing them to access the support resources you already have set up in Snappy, including a search box, your FAQs, and a “Contact Us” form.


Inside your Snappy account you’ll find Widget Reports, which will give you a quick overview of stats related to the widget and how your customers are using it:


Advanced Usage

If you’re happy with fast, easy access to FAQ’s and a contact form for your customers, awesome. A few easy clicks and you’re up and running! But if you want to get fancy, we’re here for you.

The widget allows for deep linking within your FAQ page; what that means is you can set up a link, in your app or on your webpage, that, when clicked, will open the widget directly to a particular location in your FAQs. Customers will not only stay right on the page they want to be on, they’ll be taken straight to the info they need, without having to search or browse. Vortex of Confusion eliminated.

Here’s an example, from within the Snappy app. If you click “documentation,” the widget jumps straight to the FAQ item we’ve chosen to display:


Our hope is that the widget will streamline your support and make your day-to-day just a little Snappier. We’ve also aimed to make adding it to your site as quick and painless as possible, requiring just a simple copy and paste for most users, but also allowing some advanced functionality for those who want it.

We hope you love it as much as we do, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback! Let us know if you have any questions or need help getting it set up!

If you’re already a Snappy user, click here to set up your widget right now!

Learn more about Snappy Customer Support.


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