Creating the Perfect Team: Productivity and Low Turnover

No matter your industry, business owners and managers everywhere struggle with getting the maximum amount of productivity from their team through finding the magic balance of low turnover and highly satisfied employees. But how do you accomplish this in a world full of easy distractions? Here we have compiled some tips on increasing productivity and […]

Customer Service from a Customer’s Point of View

No one will argue that business persons went into business for their customers. No one will argue that treating those customers well will keep them in business. Business is a give and take kind of thing, but when the taking overshadows the giving, then business suffers. Therefore, it would make sense to ensure the satisfaction […]

A Few Things Every Business Should Know about Customer Service

There sure is a thrill that comes along with acquiring new customers. After all, it is an untapped resource full of new relationships, unpredictable variables, and promising rewards. It’s an unchartered destiny full of hope and glory. Inevitably, new businesses go after new customers like they’re chasing the most valuable resource on the planet. As […]

How to Provide the Best Customer Experience at Your Firm

In the professional services industry, from real estate to law, from architecture to engineering, giving the customer an ideal experience is increasingly important to your business’s success. With the rise of instant feedback, through social media and digital forms, not only can you have your clients evaluate your work immediately, but they can (and often […]

A First Year Survival Guide for Small Businesses


Bloomberg estimates that approximately 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months of existence. This might seem like a pretty high number, but it’s alarming if it’s even close to being in the same ballpark. Despite all the prognostications of doom and gloom that follow entrepreneurship about the overwhelming number of […]

How to Improve Productivity While Working from Home

Working from home can be beneficial for the employee and employer alike. Studies have shown that workers get more done when they are allowed to work out of their homes, and employees often enjoy the freedom that comes with not having to go to the office every day. While this sounds ideal, many new work-from-home […]

How to Sell More Real Estate Through Productivity

If you sell real estate, you’re probably one of the busiest people you know. It takes a lot to sell real estate. Most people don’t know half of what happens in a real estate agent’s office, but you do. You also know that how many of your properties you sell, and how quickly you sell […]